What is Cupping?
Cupping is an ancient method which dates back to 300 AD. Using fire and alcohol, we create a vacuum with the glass cups, which is a negative pressure; whereas massage is a positive pressure. We never touch the skin with a flame. Once a suction has occurred, cups can be moved, called gliding cups, or they can be stationary. Dark marks can be the result. This is called "sha". These can go away within 3-10 days. It is best to keep areas that have been cupped, covered 24 hours after the treatment.

 What is Cupping Good For?
Cupping loosens the muscles, encourages blood flow, activates the lymph system, and sedates the the nervous system (and thus it can be effective for treatment of high blood pressure). It Helps with neck pain, back pain, digestion, menstrual imbalances, respiratory issues (i.e. congestion in the lungs due to common cold and asthma), muscles stiffness, anxiety, migraines, fatigue, and cellulite.
Cupping is often compared to feeling like massage, and is quite relaxing.