I grew up in a tourist hot spot in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. I'm a California girl and love the great outdoors. My image changed when I moved to Portland. With the grey clouds looming over the city for most of the year, my hair soon changed from blond to strawberry blond. I'd like to say that I went to acupuncture to get my blond hair back, but herbs won't do that.
   My first experience with acupuncture was nerve wrecking. I didn't really want to go and have needles put in me. How biased I was since that was the profession I chose to go into. My mother went for various reasons and it helped her. I had no problems to speak of, only my "normal". I went in, sat through the interview, had my pulse taken and my tongue looked at (which I laughed about and felt very self-conscious. I never thought it would be so weird to have anyone look at my tongue). I got on the treatment table and had a few needles put in. Then the tough part came, waiting. I brought my mom to this first appointment because I was so nervous. I had her wait in the room with me and chatted the whole time. I'm very antsy and the thought of relaxing was boring to the time. Now, I have come to love acupuncture and the down time letting the needles do their magic.
   I had no special event, realization, or vision that led me to do acupuncture. Instead, it all started with art. I was a very creative child and enjoyed all forms of drawing and painting. I soon realized I wanted to do more for my fellow man. First, the thought of being a police officer came to mind. I wanted to put bad guys behind bars, but I didn't want to have a gun. That wouldn't work, so I thought of becoming a scientist. I imagined finding cures to diseases by using different plants. I did little experiments with vegetation that never proved anything, but squirrels enjoyed eating my creations on nearby rocks. As I grew older, I came to the idea of nursing, however, in the long run it wasn't the fit for me. A family friend did Applied Kinesiology and I saw how it worked and thought 'Cool, I can do that and help people'. She told me to start by going to school for acupuncture. 
   After I graduated from high school, my parents and I moved to Portland, Oregon. I started community college to get my prerequisites for Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). During those years at Clackamas Community College, I received my Administrative Office Assistant Certificate. I was accepted to OCOM in 2009, and started my schooling in 2010. I graduated from OCOM with a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.